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PieSanto is leader in comfortable shoes because we look after your feet.

You have probably heard the proverb “Health starts with the feet”. Healthy feet allow us to move around and do our every day jobs whether it be at work or leisure. A person’s quality of life varies according to the health of their feet, so this is why at PieSanto we treat it so importantly.

Don’t ever stop walking, dancing or travelling …like everything in life we take things for granted and don’t realize until we can no longer do the things we used to.

Why is PieSanto possibly the most comfortable shoe in the world?

      In 1988 we were pioneers incorporating the anatomical removable insole in womens’ shoes, getting a bigger insole adaptation to the footprint and not the opposite, this led us to the possibility of introducing podiatric custom made insoles in our shoes. Our whole body weight is put upon the soles of our feet for many hours a day. The insole acts like a mattress upon which our weight rests. A shoe with an insole will always be much more comfortable than without one: “The insole acts as a mattress for the foot”, this is the reason why all our shoes incorporate the removable insole. Therefore, we can say that the element that provides most comfort in a shoe is a good quality insole and if it is removable this will allow you to easily maintain hygiene and also to be able to adapt other insoles medically prescribed. Another relevant aspect in the insoles is the material that is in contact with the foot. This material must keep the capacity of sweat absorption for a long period of time so that the foot remains dry and at normal temperature, above all in the summer season when feet suffer most. This helps to conserve hygiene and prevent fungus, rubbing, blisters, bacteria, …


      The foot should be fastened but not adjusted tightly in order to allow proper blood circulation. This extra fit is beneficial for women with generous-sensitive feet or just for those who are simply tired of walking with their feet oppressed. Also the width of our shoes is designed to ease the fitting of made to measure podiatric insoles. If you are going to buy shoes with the intention of adapting personal insoles the best thing is to go to the shop with the insoles to check if they fit correctly. If you cannot do this then at least make sure that the removable insole is thicker or thinner than yours, this way you will be able to purchase a wider or narrower shoe to fit. If you cannot even do this then we recommend you buy shoes wider than your own feet because most likely your insole will be thicker than the existing one.


      We call the leather on the inside of the shoe lining, which is in permanent contact with our feet. The most usual way of tanning uses minerals like chrome. All leather used for lining in PieSanto shoes is obtained through vegetable tanning using products that appear on the bark of some trees, this way the leather we use is free of chrome and of other heavey metals. This is another factor that looks after your feet, and it also it makes our shoes softer.


      We develop anatomies, thicknesses and materials of our removable insoles in collaboration with the most important European technological institutes bearing in mind our feet data base. This is carried out by the three dimensional scanning of women’s feet and this information is used to improve the anatomy of our insoles. This way we distribute pressures on the soles of our feet this means the foot treading on the largest surface available to spread the body weight. We also continuously collaborate with several chiropodists to assure that our shoes are able to adapt the personal insole that they manufacture. This collaboration gives us updated information about the latest trends in material and development techniques and this keeps our last designs updated. Manufacturing shoes with wide removable insoles has an extra difficulty and that is we have to design the lasts very carefully. Like everything in life experience is a grade. At PieSanto we have been designing shoes with removable insoles since 1988.