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PieSanto bets for a more sustainable world


At PieSanto we value the care and protection of our planet and the resources it provides us, so we base our business model on responsible and sustainable manufacturing, that is, we try to minimize the negative environmental impact generated by our activities. Therefore, we carry out a series of actions before, during and after the production process of our shoes that differentiate us as an eco-responsible company.

Photovoltaic electricity generation system
At PieSanto we are aware that the consequences of climate change can be disastrous and endanger the survival of the planet’s fauna and flora, including that of human beings. Aware of this problem, we have a photovoltaic installation in our facilities.

Benefits of solar energy

  • It does not generate greenhouse gases.
  • It is a renewable and sustainable energy source.
  • It reduces the need to use fossil fuels and helps conserve natural resources.

Energy consumption

Over the last few years, we have progressively replaced the lighting fixtures in our facilities with LEDs. Annual consumption has decreased with respect to 2019, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, as during the month of March consumption was 0.

Fuel consumption

During 2020, diesel consumption has decreased compared to 2019, and if we compare it to the pairs of shoes invoiced, a decrease is also observed.

Carbon footprint

The Carbon Footprint has a great importance in the environment as an indicator of sustainability and impact towards climate change, as it provides information on the amount of Greenhouse Gases emitted into the atmosphere the development of an activity.
We have calculated the Carbon Footprint of our activity in order to be able to apply an improvement plan with corrective actions that will allow us to reduce it.

Waste management

We responsibly manage all waste generated during manufacturing. We believe in a sustainable production model, through which the manufacture of our products has the minimum negative impact on the environment.


“On the conduct of one depends the future of all” – Alexander the Great.

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