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Piesanto Tips to adjust your orthopaedic insoles

Buy the most suitable model to adapt my orthopaedic insoles

If you have already your insoles and you would like to renew your shoes, you should go to the shop with your insoles and ask for removable insole shoes such as PieSanto’s.
Check out the front half sole and make sure that is wide and similar contour to your insole.
Take the shoe’s removable insole out and insert yours to verify that it adjusts perfectly. Piesanto makes wide soles on the front part in order to adapt orthopaedic insoles. As well, it is so important that the shoes fit loosely without oppressing.


Could I adapt the same orthopaedic insole to a flat or high heel shoe?

If the heel is so low (up to 2,5 cm high), it is possible. We do not recommend using insoles in higher heels or wedges. In special cases or when there is no other option, please ask your podiatrist. Depending on the case, maybe, it could be possible to design a specific insole for the shoe. If so, giving the shoe to your podiatrist it would be the better. Take into account that this insole will not fit in flat shoes or low-heel shoes.

Could I adapt the orthopaedic insole to my shoes? In which one?

You should adapt your insole to the shoes that you will wear longer, in the following months.

The insole is conceived to correct your footstep and this is only possible when you are wearing it.

We recommend you to begin wearing close shoes due to the fact that we wear it the longest time in the year. Moreover, it is easier to adapt your insoles in the type of shoes. This way, you could choose from wider range possibilities.


Should I wear them every single day?

The ideal would be to wear them for the longest time but if you need rest, it is ok. For example, if you wear your insoles along the week and do not find heels to fit your insoles in for hanging out or going dinner, it doesn’t matter. It would be fine just for everyday routine.
This way, one realises the different sensations and appreciates what the insole provides you.

Orthopaedic insoles should not be uncomfortable

Insoles should not hurt. Many times, this hurt is caused by a bad insole adaptation to the shoe. Therefore, it is so important to choose the best shoes for our insoles. PieSanto shoes will fit perfectly to your insoles. Firstly, you could feel the insole’s stiffness but, in a couple days, that sensation will disappear. In a few days, you will not take them out.
Moreover, we give you a tip: put a flat, thin quilted insole under your orthopaedic one and that will absorb the impact and you will feel more comfortable.
Our patented “DUAL COMFORT” system was designed for adapting insoles. You could carry out our tip with this system.
If your insoles hurt you or make you feel uncomfortable, ask your podiatrist, you could need an adjustment.


Keep your insoles in good condition

Under no circumstances should you immerse in water your insoles or dry them with direct heat, if you want to keep them in perfect condition. Clean them with a wet cloth and dry in the shade. You could air them after each use.

Is it possible to adapt the same orthopaedic insole to a sandal and a close shoe?

It is difficult because sandals are smaller than close shoes. If you try to fix an orthopaedic insole for a winter shoe to a sandal, the insole will be too big. If you try a insole for sandals in a close shoe, that insole will be too small.

Ideally, you would have an insole for sandals and another one for winter shoes. This way you could fit your insoles easily to different models and the insoles would last longer.

In your next visit to the podiatrist for getting new personal insoles, we recommend you to take the shoes where you want to fit them in. This way, your insoles will fit perfectly to the shoes.
Specialists usually make them bigger so as to cut them at home and fix them to different models. But this cutting process should be carried out by your podiatrist, at least the first time, especially if you know the shoes to wear longer.

The moment you get rid of an old pair of shoes and get a new one, you could come back to your podiatrist clinic to adapt the insoles to these new shoes.
You should not have a problem if the change to the new shoes is not significant.


Find summer sandals to adapt your orthopaedic insoles

When you are looking for summer shoes, it is recommended to search for shoes with removable insoles. This way, we could take it out and insert our orthopaedic ones. Piesanto designs modern and comfort sandals to adapt your specific insoles.

For a perfect insole adjustment, the shoes must fasten perfectly the ankle. This way, we guarantee not only our foot but our insole stability as well. The perfect shoes for this adjustment should have buckles, velcros or laces.

Some PieSanto sandals offer you a cover to hide the insole and go unnoticed.

It is recommended shoes made with breathable materials in order to avoid sweating, humidity or our foot slipping.

PieSanto offers you a wide range of sandals in different soles, colours and models, but always developing them in the same last and sole to guarantee your insoles adjustment perfectly.
Access our on-line shop or outlet and select the style called “Removable Insole Sandal”.

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