PieSanto's team is on vacation. You can place an order or ask for a return. We will attend your requests from August 23rd onwards. Thank you for your understanding.
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The new PieSanto’s app for iOS and Android is already available

Piesanto launches a new app for android and iOS with significant new features: Receive all our news and foot healthy tips, find stores near your location, track the progress of your orders, contact us right away, add to “favourites” the styles you love and share them in your social networks, “push” notifications and much more.

captura_app_piesanto_android_inicio captura_app_piesanto_android_noticias captura_app_piesanto_android_localizador_tiendas
captura_app_piesanto_android_inicio_sesion captura_app_piesanto_android_novedades captura_app_piesanto_android_contacto

If you want to download the app on your Android mobile, please enter Google Play Store, look for PieSanto, and download the app that is totally free; this way you could enter whenever and wherever you want. If you have an iPhone, look for PieSanto on your Apple Store and then download the app.

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