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Don’t you find boots wide enough to fit your calf?

PieSanto has designed boots wide enough for women. This way, they could enjoy their winter boots whether their calf width.

Discover our Wide Boots Catalog

Since 1960, we have become experts on special widths and we have been innovating for decades in order to create shoes that could satisfy your needs. AS an example, we have just released a new boot line with sizes XL, 2XL, 3XL, 4XL.

Width L Width XL Width 2XL Width 3XL Width 4XL


We have created a “calculator” that tells you which width of boots will fit you best. Tell us your usual shoe size and your calf measurement and we’ll tell you which width fits you best.

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Please, read carefully our tips to measure your calf and find the righ size that fits you really well. If you have any doubt, we would be so respond to you at and we will try to solve them out.


How to measure your calf to find the perfect fitting Boots?

Get the boot that fits your calves easily, by following our sizes and widths guideline. Below, find the steps to follow:

  • Choose your shoes size (if you have any doubt, check our sizes guideline about PieSanto footwear).
  • To measure your calf at the correct height, you must be barefoot and place a rigid scale ruler parallel to your leg, specifically at 5 cm. of the heel (look at the image below). If your size is 37EU, make a mark on your calf at 30 cm height. If your size is different to 37EU, check the following chart and make a mark on the corresponding height according to your size:
EU size USA size UK size Height (cm.) medicion-grosor-gemelo
33 3 1 27,7
34 3,5 – 4 1,5 – 2 28,2
35 4,5 2,5 28,8
36 5 – 5,5 3 – 3,5 29,3
37 6 – 6,5 4 – 4,5 30,0
38 7 5 30,5
39 7,5 – 8 5,5 – 6 31,0
40 8,5 6,5 31,6
41 9 – 9,5 7 – 7,5 32,2
42 10 8 32,7
43 10,5 – 11 9 33,3
44 11,5 -12 9,5 – 10 33,9
45 12,5 10,5 34,4


  • Measure your leg’s contour with a flexible measuring tape (the one from Ikea can be useful) just at the height of the mark (30 cm height if your size is 37).


  • Now, it is time to enter the data in our calculator to find out which size will best fit your legs.

    Please, check your measurements out and make sure you’ve done the process correctly before entering your calf’s contour measurement in our calculator (in cm).